Chemical Regeneration

Chemical regeneration is efficiently used in the framework of hydromechanical technology. Thus, we ensure the strict observance of the guidelines of the federal Water Act in terms of environmental standards and the use of chemical substances.

Gravel Washer Switch Flow®

Through a self-developed device, the gravel washer, a specific regeneration remedy is introduced in the filter and moved circulatorily by a multi-chamber system. This regeneration procedure is constantly controlled and carried out for several days; any relevant data is recorded and, if necessary, adjusted redosing or pumping out is arranged. Every task is monitored by the DVGW/W130 certification.

The Switch Flow® procedure is applicable for any well type and regeneration substance. This procedure is most efficient after the hydropuls® and Shockblasting® procedure against the background of the minimising principle in terms of usage of chemical substances.


The fluidpuls® is a system we developed which combines the hydropuls® or Shockblasting® with the usage of chemical substances. Hereby, the impulse extrusion is used in the deep insertion of specific regeneration chemicals. The dissolved deposits are removed by a submerged pump. Then subsequently, intensive extraction is used for the complete removal of all dissolved and unremoved substances through of a moving chamber or symmetric double piston chamber system (SDKK®)*. It has to be mentioned that for any usage of regeneration chemicals permission is essential and required under water law. If desired, pigadi will take on the task entirely