Mechanical Cleaning

For mechanical purification, pigadi GmbH offers the method of appropriately used high pressure water technique and/or special brushes.


The mechanical method of “brushing” is used for lowsolidified deposits on the pipes inner wall and the filter slots. Brushing is used as a form of prepurification and applicable for any well type, the type of brush and bristles is dependent on the specific construction material. The brushing process is carried out by an up and down and/or rotation movement of the round brushes.

High-Pressure Technology

An alternative for brushing is the high pressurized water method. This method is used to dissolve small or medium solidified deposits in pipes and filtering slots. This system can be adapted to any construction material and well status and is suitable for standard and collector wells. The highpressure cleaning device possesses a rotating nozzle head. The nozzles enable a straight jet of water to the inner pipe wall during up and / or down direction of movement. Adjustment to the specific construction material and with an adapted driving speed ensures a complete and accurate cleaning result. To achieve an effective removal of the dissolved deposits, an underwater pump operates simultaneously. This provides a continuously discharge of released deposits until the terminative criterion is achieved. The solid content is controlled according with DVGW worksheet W 130. If required, the highpressure system can through the use of auxiliary equipment as High pressure pulse techniques are used.