Reinigungswerkzeug in einem Brunnenrohr

High Performance Well development for new or rehabilitated Wells

Through the usage of a piston chamber system with simultaneous energy input (e.g. hydropuls®), an efficient removal of all dissolved and unremoved substances is guaranteed and applicable to any well model. A slight modified design with a piston chamber, a flow divider combined with an impulse generator, and a coated pump has proven successfully in practice.

This system is able to create a considerably higher flow velocity than comparable systems, and the piston chamber enables a sufficient removal of dissolved deposits. The simultaneously occurring intense impulse ensures a permanent loosening and mobilization of deposits.

In addition, blockage of the grain structure is prevented. The extraordinary effect of a combined procedure (e.g. hydropuls®) is based mainly on the similar operating range and their synergy. Thus, the increased drag acts not only in the surrounding filter grain; it also provides an increased depth effect. Such results were demonstrably not possible with previous procedures. This corresponds to the principles of well regeneration according to DVGW/W130, and especially newly constructed wells profit considerably. Due to specific well requirements which affect the impact of this procedure, we highly recommend an analysis of the specific well parameter to find the optimal construction arrangement.

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