Well Assessment

To ensure the sustained and effective operation of wells or to detect eventual damages on casings and filters, assessing the active well conditions is essential. Beside the evaluation of physical, chemical, bacteriological and operational data, we provide CCTV inspections, pumping test, geophysical logging, BART™ test and mineralogical diagnosis for advanced assessments.


CCTV-Inspection is probably one of the most classical tool for well inspection. Since the early fifties, we apply TV-inspection equipment for well´s. Today, modern camera systems adapted to the specific requirements and tasks, allowing to inspect collector pipes and wells up to 500 m in length or depth.

Furthermore, the particular advantages of these camera systems are the opportunity to record axial and radial views. A precise zoom allows detailed shots of e.g. damaged areas, deposits or other objects. Due to a distinct halogen light control, even large pipe and well diameters can be exposed adequately.

We currently work with iPEK Supervisions camera systems (SVC110) holding 5 systems mounted on 4WD vehicles and two mobile systems for small diameter piezometers and pipe inspection.

Four of our systems are equipped with laser pointers and integrated measuring ability.

For collector wells and large diameter collector pipe inspections, our cameras can be mounted on remote controlled crawlers equipped with additional lights if necessary. Image recordings can be consigned either on CD-ROM or DVD.

For special purposes our small diameter cameras can be used to inspect wells without demounting the equipment e.g. pipes and pumps. For camera insertion an opening of 2 inches is sufficient.

Innenansicht eines Brunnenrohres
Querschnitt eines Rohres mit Zentimetermaß, das eine Verockerung von etwa 2 Zentimetern Dicke anzeigt.
Rundliche Strukturen

Well Performance Tests

The well performance test determines the actual hydraulic performances and allows a comparison with the mint performance.

Hände einer Person, die ein Rohr mit Hilfe eines Krans platziert.

Geophysical Investigations

Combined with the TV inspection, we offer geophysical logging such as a flow metering. This provides an accurate scheme of the flow pattern correlating water quantities to filter sections.

Biological Activation and Reaction test (BART ™)

The BART ™ test provides a simple analysis of the bacterial activity in the well and can be used as a tool to interpret the wells condition and aging process.

Mineralogical Diagnosis of Deposits

For the determination of aging processes we use mineralogical and geochemical methods, aiming for the mineralogical phase identification of the debris. The results provide conclusions about the recoverability and the prospects of success for regeneration.
For this purpose, we use the following procedures:

  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • X-ray diffraction (RDA)
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM / EDX)
  • Determination of ignition loss, gravimetrically at 1050 °C