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Service Concept

Based on the analysis carried out, we offer a custom-designed service concept, as accurately described in the offer. Every service offered is carried out by our own qualified expert staff and equipment. In this matter we attach particularly great importance to compliance with the technical Fundamentals of DVGW worksheet W 130:

  • Separation of deposits
  • Discharge of dissolved substances
  • Control of remote sediments

Within the framework of the minimizing principle (Federal water act concerning the use of chemicals) and business efficiency, we intensified the usage of modern hydromechanical technologies.

In some cases, economic efficiency means to also integrate the well´s state assessment within the work process and to employ an adjusted and flexible work program on the specific tasks and requirements. That implies that the service concept is based on the specific data, gathered during the work process, and not a prefixed standard procedure.

Process of our Rehabilitation procedure:

  • Construction site installation (arrival, setting up and disassembly of the well equipment)

    • Data acquisition: Compilation of all relevant well information (if not performed in advance)
    • Dismantling of the wellhead and expansion of the operating pump.
    • Well testing with biological activity reaction test BART ™, mineralogical diagnosis of deposits as well as any geophysical surveys
    • TV inspection for visual diagnosis
    • Mechanical cleaning of the entire well piping (removal of deposits with brushes or highpressure nozzles) – TV inspection to monitor the well state after mechanical cleaning
    • Use of hydromechanical process combinations of:
      • Low Pressure Cleaning
      • High Pressure Cleaning
      • Hydropuls®
      • Shockblasting®
    • Intensive extraction for the complete removal of all dissolved and unremoved Substances by use of a moving chamber or symmetric double piston chamber (SDKK)
    • Cleaning of the well bottom
    • Disinfection if necessary
    • Final inspection

Chemical Regeneration Procedures:

    • Multi-chamber device SwitchFlow®
    • fluidpulse®
      • Parameter Controlled pump out well bottom cleaning
      • Final examinations (TV inspec-tion, test wells, Geophysics)
      • Installation of the operating pump and well head (laboratory release and well recommissioning)
    • Documentation:
    • Analysis of the well regeneration by comparing the measured power coefficient
    • Transfer of all protocols (well tests, solids control, chemical regeneration)
    • TV inspection records on DVD
    • Recommendations to the well operator